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Deaf services

Deaf Services is a small team of specialist workers who provide services to people who are Deaf, hard of hearing or who are deafblind, to enable them to resolve issues in connection with their deafness. The team also provides an equipment service for adults younger than 65 and deaf children, to help them be as independent as possible in their own homes. Service users must be Medway residents and registered with Medway, or eligible to be registered as deaf or hard of hearing.

Our services include:

  • social work and support on a range of topics such as welfare rights, housing or employment issues
  • equipment for people under 65 and all British Sign Language (BSL) users. If the need has been assessed by Deaf Services then the equipment may be provided on loan, or through a Direct Payment. Assessments are usually carried out in the person's home
  • information and advice on issues relating to deafness
  • specialist services for deafblind adults, including a "Section 7" Assessment of Needs relating to a dual sensory loss
  • promotion of independent communication, use of interpreters and equal access to services
  • voluntary registration as deaf or hard of hearing
  • co-working with colleagues and external agencies where specialist knowledge of deafness is needed
  • advocating for the rights of deaf people, to improve access to services
  • raising awareness of the barriers that confront both deaf and deafblind people.

Deaf Services works in partnership with HiKent (a voluntary organisation), which is contracted by Medway Council to provide an equipment service for people 65 and over. Equipment is demonstrated at HiKent, which is based in the Audiology department of Medway Maritime hospital.

Please note that we do not provide interpreters but can advise on their use.

Who can contact the service?

Anyone can contact Deaf Services - the person who is deaf or hard of hearing, a friend, relative, doctor or other professional person. To find out how to make a referral please use the contact details below.

For advice and information call in at our "Drop In" service. Please note that there is only one worker from Deaf Services at the "Drop In" and so there may be a wait, for which we apologise.


Phone: 01634 331727 (voice and text)

Email: deaf.services@medway.gov.uk

In writing: Deaf Services, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR

Drop-in service

This is held every Wednesday from 9am to 1pm at Riverside One.

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