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Residential care for children

There are occasions when it may be necessary for children to be cared for somewhere other than in their own home.

Medway Council believes that living with a family is the best way for children to grow and develop, which is why most children looked after by Medway Council are placed with foster families.

A few children, due to past experiences and individual needs, may require a more specialist type of care in a residential unit. All homes or residential units where children are placed are registered and inspected to ensure standards are met.

While living away from home it is important, for those children where the plan is for them to return home, that appropriate contact with their family is organised and maintained. This gives opportunities for parents, children and social workers to look at their progress and plan for the future.

There are, however, some children for whom a return to their birth families would seriously affect their health and wellbeing and might even leave them open to abuse or harm. In such cases, adoption may be the only alternative.

If you feel that you could offer a home to a child, further information on fostering and adoption services is available.