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Arrangements for monitoring and supervision

The researcher is responsible for identifying an appropriately qualified and experienced research supervisor who is able and willing to provide guidance, support and advice about the research. The researcher is also responsible for securing the supervisor’s agreement to undertake this task. If the research is being done through or as part of a university course, the research supervisor will probably be a member of the university’s academic staff.

The council will also appoint a named person, usually an experienced manager, who will be the council’s research link for each research project that has been approved. The nominated link officer’s role is to facilitate access to research participants and to oversee and monitor the progress of the research. S/he is not responsible for providing support and advice about the research itself, however.

Once a research supervisor has been chosen by the researcher and approved by the council, the council should ensure that the supervisor is fully aware of their role and in particular of the need to:

  • ensure that the researcher is aware of the council’s research governance process
  • offer regular support and advice throughout the conduct of the study and to monitor the progress of the research
  • ensure the researcher maintains regular contact with the nominated link officer responsible for overseeing the research on behalf of the council


Researchers must bring to the council’s attention promptly:

  • any matter that affects the ability of the researcher to continue the research or of the supervisor to continue to provide supervision
  • any matter that may adversely affect the interests of the participants, their families or carers or of the council and its officers
  • any other matter that the supervisor considers relevant.

They can do this by contacting the Research and Information Team by phone on 01634 332445 or by email to researchandinfo@medway.gov.uk