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Research approvals group - terms of reference

The Research Approvals Group’s role is to consider any proposal to undertake any research, including a study, survey or consultation, that will involve services users, their families or carers and council staff either directly or indirectly.

In doing so the group will:

  • promote research and the research evidence database both within and outside the council
  • review all applications for research
  • make decisions about research applications on the basis of set criteria
  • ensure consistency and quality of research standards
  • prevent multiple or repeated requests for access to service users and staff
  • provide advice to researchers about the process, their research proposal and approval decisions
  • protect the interests of service users, their families or carers
  • protect the interests of staff
  • ensure the council is not exposed to undue risk arising from research
  • establish mechanisms to ensure research is monitored by appropriate council officers following approval being given
  • ensure the council’s legal requirements are met (e.g. equal opportunities, Criminal Records Bureau searches, data protection, patient confidentiality)
  • oversee a register of approved research projects
  • periodically report on research activity involving services users, their families or carers and council staff
  • delegate such decisions (e.g. to a research co-ordinator) as it considers fit
  • monitor these delegated decisions
  • monitor research outcomes
  • establish a library of completed research that has been undertaken with council staff and with service uses, their carers and their families.