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Applying for Social Housing

How to apply for housing

The Medway Council Social Housing register is known as Kent Homechoice. 

Each bidding cycle, you can bid on a property to be considered for rehousing. It is no longer a waiting list.

Register for Homechoice

To join the Medway Council Social Housing register, please complete the Kent Homechoice online form

How the system works

Priority will be given to people who have a local connection with Medway, generally through having lived in the area recently or through employment or family connections. 

Factors are awarded to your application, based on the information that you provide when you register. It is important that you tell us everything that you think may make a difference to your application. You must tell us if your situation changes.

Priority Bands

Once assessed, your application will be placed into one of four priority bands. For more information about the bands please visit the Homechoice Priority Bands page.

Are you in urgent need of housing?

If you are in urgent need of housing or going to be made homeless in the near future, you should contact Housing Solutions at Riverside One for help.

Housing availability

As of 1 August 2012 there were 15,500 people registered to be re-housed and on average there are between 80 to 100 properties let per month. This shows that there are not enough properties for the number of people registering. This also means that it could take a significant amount of time for you to be re-housed, and many applicants will never be offered social housing.

Contact us

Phone: 01634 334433

Email: medwayhomechoice@medway.gov.uk

In writing: Medway Homechoice, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4TR