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Medical assessments

Medical priority on Kent Homechoice is awarded based on how your medical condition is affected by your current accommodation and how it would improve if you were to be moved. On occasion your case may be referred to an independent medical advisor for further opinion.

What is a medical assessment?

This is an assessment made by Kent Homechoice, they will look at the severity of your medical condition and whether your housing is having a significant impact on it. Where this can be demonstrated, additional priority will be awarded.

Who is the council’s medical adviser?

An independent medical adviser who deals with homeless cases and housing register applicants. The medical adviser is a general practitioner (GP). He or she has knowledge of homelessness and housing legislation, the council’s allocations policy and medical priority.

Kent Homechoice does not provide the names of medical advisers to the public, as they do not make the overall decision on someone’s priority for housing nor do they hold responsibility for the work of the housing teams.

Any complaints or enquiries about their decisions should be referred to Homechoice.

How can I get my application assessed for medical priority?

If you feel you have medical conditions you would like Kent Homechoice to consider when assessing your housing need, you can provide this information when completing the medical form. You can also submit any supporting information such as doctors letters.

What happens once the medical assessment has been carried out?

Kent Homechoice aim to complete a medical assessment within 10 working days of receiving all the necessary information. 

If your medical assessment is unsuccessful and does not award you any additional priority, your overall banding will remain the same as before.

If your medical assessment is successful and you are awarded a medical priority, this may raise your overall banding too.

Kent Homechoice will not advise you of the outcome of this assessment, you will need to log onto Kent Homechoice to see if your banding has been increased.

Why haven’t I received medical priority when I have a serious medical condition?

Medical priority is only awarded when your current accommodation is having a significant effect on your medical problems. No matter how serious the medical problems, you need to demonstrate how your housing situation is making this worse. Due to shortage of available properties, Kent Homechoice must assess your medical problems and housing need against others in a similar or worse situation.

If the assessment does not result in an increase to your banding, it does not mean Kent Homechoice have not accepted that your medical conditions are serious. It may be that you do not fit the criteria for medical priority to be awarded.

What can I do if I disagree with the decision?

If you disagree with the decision that Kent Homechoice have made or any other aspect of your housing assessment, you can appeal. Remember to say why you disagree with the decision and how your medical condition is affected by your housing.