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What should I do when leaving my property?

When you are leaving your property Medway Council expects you to:

  • Leave the property clean and tidy and remove all of your belongings, including all rubbish, furniture and carpets. It is your responsibility to pay for the clearing out of your property. You will be charged for the removal of any items left in the property (including the garden, drive, garage, loft and sheds) and for cleaning the property if it is left in poor condition
  • Try not to damage the property or decorations when moving out. You will be charged for any damage caused
  • Leave all the landlord’s fixtures and fittings attached to the structure in the property, for example; kitchen units, doors, storage heaters and gas fires. If in doubt, check with your housing officer
  • Leave the property secure, with all the windows and doors shut
  • Turn off all services at the mains before you leave. You must not leave any bare wires or open gas pipes. For safety reasons, you should arrange for a qualified electrician or gas fitter to disconnect the cooker
  • Return all keys, including garage and shed keys where applicable, to the council by 12 (noon) on the Monday that the tenancy ends. If they are returned after this you will be charged an extra week’s rent. You will be given a receipt for the keys. If keys are not returned and it appears that the property has not been vacated, the tenancy will continue and we will pursue possession through the courts. You will be liable for the rental charge and costs associated with this process. 

If you have large items of furniture or carpets to be removed, you can take them to your local tip. You can also take household rubbish to the household waste and recycling centres, located across Medway.