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How to report a repair

Reporting a repair              

On this page:

Before reporting a repair, please have the following information ready:

  • your name and address;
  • a telephone number where we can contact you;
  • full details of the repair you need.

The person taking details of the repair will tell you when the work should be carried out. If we need to inspect the repair first you will be informed when you report the repair to us.

To report a repair

You can report any repair 24/7 (except out-of-hour emergency repairs) on the numbers below. Team members will be able to discuss the issue and make the necessary arrangements to complete the repair at the earliest possible opportunity. Repairs reported outside office hours will be recorded and allocated the next working day.

Housing Repairs Team

Office hours: 8.30am t0 5pm

Phone: 01634 333601

Free phone: 0800 073 0073

Email: housingrepairs@medway.gov.uk

You can also report a repair by using the following online forms:

Out-of-hours emergency repairs

Only Medway Council tenants are entitled to use the service.

If you have an emergency repair outside office hours that requires urgent attention please call our Out-of-hours emergency repairs hotline. This will ensure that the repair is dealt with as soon as possible.  

Phone 01634 304400

There is also a fax service available for out-of-hours repairs. To fax an emergency repair send it to 01634 332702.

These are the types of repairs that we would consider to be an emergency:

  • total loss of electric power;
  • unsafe, broken or missing electrical fittings (not simply defective);
  • total loss of gas supply;
  • a gas leak on the property side of the meter;
  • a blocked, damaged or defective flue to an open fire or gas appliance;
  • total loss of space heating or water heating (between 1 November and 31 March only);
  • a blocked toilet pan, soil stack or blocked foul drain;
  • a leak from a water supply pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern;
  • boarding up of a broken window or door;
  • loss of heating or hot water in sheltered housing for older people.

Please remember that this is an emergency call out service, not a repair service. We will make sure that no one is in any danger, but will not necessarily complete the repair at that point of time. A follow up visit may need to be arranged by the contractor in order to complete the repair.

Garage repairs service

If you rent a garage from us please tell us immediately about any garage repairs required. Contact the Housing Repairs Team to report your repair.

Before reporting a repair, please have the following information ready:

  • your name;
  • the address of the garage;
  • a telephone number so we can contact you;
  • full details of the repair.

We will carry out day-to-day garage repairs within these timescales:

  • lack of security – within five working days;
  • other repairs – within 20 working days.

Repairs texting

Housing Services have developed a system that will allow you as residents to send text messages to the council who will reply to the text directly through this system.

A special number has been set up for the service. It is 07739 657073. Keep this number somewhere safe.

All you need to do is use a KEYWORD at the start of the text message and it will automatically be directed to the correct department. Please leave a space between the key word and the start of your message.

The keywords are:

  • REPAIR – report a council property or communal area that is in need of repair or to chase an existing request.
  • GARAGE – apply for a garage or to contact us about a garage you rent from us.
  • CARETAKING – report a problem in a communal area, for example, street lighting, stairwell cleaning.

The more details you include in the message, the quicker we will be able to respond.

Can you give me an example?

Mrs. A Body, who lives at 1 Somewhere Street has noticed a blocked drain. As she is just dashing out of the house, she decides to text the repair to housing services. She knows she is in most mornings but works in the afternoon. So, on the bus she sends the following message:

Repair Mrs Body. 1

Somewhere Street. Blocked drain. Mornings only.

There is some basic information we will need:

  • Keyword (repair, garage or caretaking).
  • The surname of the resident – please remember to use the surname that the tenancy is in, if it is different from your own.
  • The resident’s address.
  • Access times – when you are usually home or access is available.
  • Details of the service you request.

We hope this is a useful addition to the range of services that we provide.

After a repair is reported

When a problem is reported, a housing repairs officer will:

  • take details of the problem;
  • confirm whether the council is responsible or arrange for one of the surveying team to inspect the repair if necessary;
  • give a reference for future contact, if that is necessary;
  • arrange an appointment for the works to be completed;
  • arrange for the repair.

It is important that the appointment is kept or the job could be cancelled. If the appointment cannot be kept, please contact the Housing Repairs Team to arrange a more suitable time.

Getting in to do the work

To carry out a repair, a contractor usually has to get into a property during the day. This is often difficult if the tenant is at work, so it is important to make clear arrangements for access.

Once arrangements are made, it is also important to keep to them. Wasted calls by contractors can prove expensive. Housing Services will try to make sure that contractors keep appointments. If a contractor calls and the tenant is out, they will leave a card asking the tenant to contact them to arrange another visit. If the tenant does not contact us within seven calendar days, Housing Services will write to them asking them to contact the contractor to arrange a suitable appointment. If the contractor does not hear from the tenant within a further seven calendar days, Housing Services will cancel the job and the tenant will have to report the repair again.

Housing Services asks tenants and visitors to the property to refrain from smoking inside the property while our contractors are there completing repairs. Housing Services would appreciate your full cooperation in this matter.

For more information contact Housing Repairs Team by telephone: 01634 333601 / or freephone 08000730073 or by email: housingrepairs@medway.gov.uk

Write to: Housing Repairs Team, Medway Council, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4TR