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Repairs to my home


Mears are Medway Council’s main repairs contractor. If you request a repair, it is most likely that Mears or one of their subcontractors will attend your home.

To read more about Mears visit Mears Medway.

Reporting repairs

You can report any repair to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Repairs are divided into three categories: emergency, urgent and non-urgent. You will be told which category your repair falls into when you contact us.

Freephone: 0800 073 0073, or using a mobile: 01634 333601 

Email: housingrepairs@medway.gov.uk

Emergency repairs

The types of repairs considered to be an emergency are:

  • Total loss of electric power
  • Unsafe, broken or missing electrical fittings (not simply defective)
  • Total loss of gas supply
  • A gas leak on the property side of the meter
  • A blocked, damaged or defective flue to an open fire or gas appliance
  • Total loss of space heating or water heating (between 1 November and 31 March only)
  • A blocked toilet pan, soil stack or blocked foul drain
  • A leak from a water supply pipe, heating pipe, tank or cistern
  • Boarding up of a broken window or door
  • Loss of heating or hot water in sheltered housing for older people

We will respond to an emergency repair within two hours, or one working day depending on the type of repair. To be classed as an emergency repair, there must be significant risk to health and safety, your property or other buildings.

After a repair is reported

If Medway Council is responsible for the repair you have reported, you will be given an appointment when our contractor will attend. It is important to keep to this appointment or the job could be cancelled.

If you cannot make the appointment, cancel or re-arrange a more suitable time using the contact details above.

If you are not home when we attend, a calling card will be left advising you to make contact within 7 days to rearrange the appointment. If we have not heard from you within these 7 days we will attempt to contact you again to make another appointment, however if we are unable to do so, or you miss a second appointment, the works order will be cancelled and you will need to contact Medway Council to report the repair again.

Mears council tenants' repair surgeries

Do you have a repair you want to talk about?

Representatives from the Mears Repairs Team will be available to discuss your repairs issues at the following locations:

Just come along on the day, there is no need to make an appointment.





Thursday 12 October

10am to 12 noon

Twydall Library, Community Hub Twydall, 13-15 Twydall Green, Gillingham, ME8 6JY

Monday 13 November

10am to 12 noon

Community Hub Gillingham, High Street, Gillingham, ME7 1BG

Thursday 5 December

10am to 12 noon

Rainham Library, Birling Avenue, Rainham, Gillingham ME8 7LR


Tenants repair responsibilities – rechargeable works

As set out in your tenancy agreement, you have a duty to take reasonable care of your home.
If you, a member of your household or a visitor causes damage to the property which is then repaired by Medway Council, you may be liable to pay the costs of these works.

Where possible we will tell you if the repair is rechargeable when you first report it to us and give an estimated cost.

If you do not tell us the repair is required due to the action of you, your household or visitor, but this is identified when the workman attends, you will still be charged for these works.


You are responsible for decorating the inside of your property.

If you or a neighbour has caused water damage (for example, by letting a bath overflow), we have no responsibility to repair the damage. The person who caused the damage is responsible for the costs. This is why it makes sense to have contents insurance. Find out about the importance of contents insurance on the money advice website.

If your decorations are damaged by one of our workmen when making repairs to the property, we will redecorate the affected area. This does not mean we will redecorate the entire wall, ceiling or room. It means we will redecorate the affected area to match the existing decorations as closely as possible.

Handyman service

We also offer a Handyman Service to help you with small jobs or improvements. Find out what jobs our Handyman can help you with.

The service is free, but can only be used by a tenant for 2 hours per year.

To be eligible for the service you must have a clear rent account and no breaches of the tenancy.

Find out if you are eligible and request help from the Handyman Service.

We have set out specific repairs service standards so you know what to expect from us and in return what we expect from you.