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Tenants rights

If you are a Medway Council tenant or leaseholder, your tenancy agreement outlines a list of rights and obligations that the council and tenant(s) must adhere to.

Tenancy agreements

Introductory tenancy agreements signed after 14 April 2014 (pdf 194KB)

Guide to being an introductory tenant. (pdf 152KB)

Secure tenancy agreements

Terms and conditions of your tenancy - signed before 14th April 2014 (pdf 2.7MB).

Terms and conditions of your tenancy - signed after 14th April 2014 (pdf 573KB).

Flexible Tenancy for a fixed term

Terms and conditions of your tenancy (pdf 188KB).


Secure tenants who would like to move to another Medway Council or social housing property in Medway can do so through a transfer. This requires you to sign up to Kent Homechoice.

If you want to move to a smaller home you may also be entitled to financial incentives.

To be eligible for a transfer you must make sure that:

  • the property you live in is in a good state of repair and decoration
  • you do not have any rent arrears
  • you have not committed anti-social behaviour

Mutual exchanges

You can swap your council home with a tenant from another council or housing association, this is called a mutual exchange.

A mutual exchange can be agreed anywhere in the country using one of these services:

View the Medway Council Mutual Exchange Policy

Tenants granted a secure tenancy before Sunday, 1 April 2012

Secure tenants with a tenancy granted before Sunday, 1 April 2012 or flexible tenants have the right to automatically pass on their tenancy to their spouse or family member following their death. In the case of family members, where there is no spouse qualified to succeed to the tenancy, the family member must have been living with the tenant at the property continuously for 12 months prior to the tenant’s death.

The law defines a ‘family member’ as:

Parent Grandparent
Child Grandchild
Sibling Uncle or Aunt
Nephew or Niece Adopted child or Stepchild
Unmarried partners (heterosexual) Unregistered same sex partners*

*(same sex couples can now formally register their relationship under the Civil Partnership Act 2004; once registered, they are then known as civil partners).

The applicant making the request will need to provide evidence and information to prove they qualify. Contact your housing officer for advice.

Tenants granted a secure tenancy after April 1 2012

In 2011 the Government introduced The Localism Act. The Act made important changes to the way council housing is managed. It amended the legal entitlement to succeed to a secure or introductory tenancy (i.e. to take over the tenancy of a person who has died) for tenants granted a secure tenancy after April 1 2012. The legal right to succession is now limited to a spouses, civil partners and couples living together as if they are a spouse or civil partner. While this excludes other family members living with the tenant at the time of their death, we are free to allow discretionary successions to others.

View the Medway Council Succession Policy.

Insuring your belongings

It is your responsibility to find and contact an insurance provider. We insure the structure of your home, but this doesn't include cover for your belongings, fixtures, fittings and alterations you may have at the property. We strongly advise you to get your own home contents insurance as protection against accidental damage, theft, water leaks and so on.
Find out about the importance of contents insurance on the money advice website.