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An assignment is where a tenancy has been legally transferred.

Secure tenants who have not succeeded to the tenancy themselves, have the right to assign (pass) their tenancy to their spouse or a family member.

An assignment must be done by a legal document called a Deed of Assignment. If the assignment proceeds, the deed will be drawn up by us.

Examples of where a tenant may wish to assign a tenancy to someone include when a person moves into a residential care home or moves to another country. Assignments use up the right of succession and the successor cannot then pass on the tenancy.

The courts can also order an assignment between married partners and civil partners as a result of divorce proceedings, or dissolution of a civil partnership. This is called a ‘tenancy transfer’.

Your housing officer can advise you on assignments. However, you may also want to take legal advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor, as there are a number of matters to consider. For example, if you assign your tenancy you would also lose your right to occupy the property. If you then become homeless the council might not have a duty to re-house you. Assigning a tenancy could also have an effect on the household's entitlement to housing benefit.