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Joint tenancies

When two adults make a joint application for housing, we usually offer them a joint tenancy.

If you are the only tenant and would like another adult to become a joint tenant with you, we may be able to change your tenancy to a joint tenancy. We usually do this for tenants who get married, including civil partnerships, or who have a long-term partner living with them. Your housing officer will be able to give you information about this.

Joint tenants are equally responsible for the tenancy and have the same rights. If one of the joint tenants breaks the tenancy agreement, we will evict both tenants. If one of the joint tenants wants to move out, he or she should contact their housing officer for advice. We can consider whether to transfer the tenancy into the other person’s name. However, if one of the joint tenants terminates the joint tenancy, the tenancy will come to an end even if the other tenant does not know about the termination.