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Homelessness and housing advice

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There is a range of homelessness and housing advice services that may be available to you. Select any of the links on this page to find out which of them gives you the best chance of securing your home or finding alternative accommodation to meet your needs.

You can also contact the Housing Team using the details below or visit the council's housing advice surgeries or a contact point in person.

Medway has a range of households with complex problems. Medway’s homelessness and housing advice services are available to all residents of Medway and in some circumstances, to non-residents.

Eviction and loss of assured short-hold tenancies is often the primary reason for households approaching Medway’s homelessness services and in the current economic climate, more households are facing financial difficulties.

To be well placed to respond to these changing trends, there is a clear need for the Housing Team to understand the issues that affect not only those who present as homeless but also those who need help staying in or finding suitable settled accommodation.

To avoid the risk of growing levels of homelessness and a rising number of households in temporary accommodation, the council directs its energies towards preventing homelessness where possible, ensuring all of its services work together constructively. If you have to move into temporary accommodation, the council can also help with storing and protecting your property.

For more information contact Riverside One by telephone: 01634 333600 or by email: housing@medway.gov.uk

Write to: Riverside One, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent ME4 4SL