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Is your home overcrowded?

Re-housing through Homechoice

There is a severe shortage of family-sized accommodation in Medway and overcrowded households can wait years for a larger home. It may be more appropriate to look at some practical solutions listed below, or consider finding alternative accommodation in the private sector.

Practical support

You may want to consider the following options to help reduce the effects of overcrowding. 

  • Make the best use of existing space by making alternative arrangements, for example, changing the use of rooms, swapping bedrooms
  • You may be able to increase your storage capacity by using space-saving furniture like bunk beds, sofa beds, folding tables, underbed storage, etc.
  • Dispose of any unwanted clutter and make use of shelves for storage
  • Find out if it is possible for members of your household to be re-housed separately, to eliminate your need to move to a larger property.