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Landlord's Guide

We need affordable rental properties

Medway Council's Housing Solutions is looking for affordable rental accommodation of various sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of tenants approaching the council for assistance.

The council provides landlords with an introduction to prospective tenants. If a letting is agreed, landlords will be able to access a number of incentives (dependent of property size, area, rent charged).

If you are a managing agent or own a property and wish to offer it to a client from the council please contact us. One of the officers will be in touch with you to discuss the scheme in more detail.


Benefits for landlords

  • There are no fees or commission payable for this service
  • Saves time and costs involved in advertising and reduces 'void' turnaround periods
  • Offer of non-refundable financial incentives available (terms and conditions apply, please speak to a member of the team)
  • Incentives paid within two weeks of receipt of a signed tenancy
  • On-going tenancy support assistance, including visits to premises to help address any issues that arise
  • If issues do arise there is access to mediation services
  • Where needed a dedicated council officer will provide direct support
  • Help with processing Housing Benefit applications
  • Tenants are encouraged to join the Tenant Accreditation Scheme which will make them familiar with tenancy related matters
  • For new landlords there is help and assistance with accessing the lettings market


Contact us for further details.


Your questions answered

What sort of property is suitable?

We are looking for affordable rental accommodation of various sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of tenants.

Prior to being accepted on to the scheme, all properties will be inspected by the council’s Private Sector Housing Team to ensure it conforms with HHSRS, Housing Act 2004.

Prospective landlords will need to provide a Electrical Installation condition report, Gas Safety certificate and an Energy Performance Certificate rated E or above.


What happens if there is a problem with a tenant?

The council will monitor the tenancy and mediate in any disputes between a landlord and the tenants.  

The council will provide a dedicated email address/phone number for landlords to contact officers and will respond to queries in accordance with the agreed service standards.


Will there be help for tenants claiming housing benefit?

Most of the households in this scheme will be entitled to Housing Benefit to help them meet the cost of paying their rent. If a tenant is not entitled to maximum Housing Benefit, the shortfall between the full rent and the benefit entitlement must be met by the tenant. In some cases the council may be able to assist with paying the rent top up.

Clients will be assessed under the Housing Benefit Safeguard to identify if Housing Benefit should be paid directly to the landlords and for the rest of the top up to paid directly to the landlord with a rent account signed by both tenant and landlord every month.


What happens if there is damage to the property or rent arrears?

If the council is holding a deposit or rent top up then you may be able to claim from this.

If the tenant is responsible for the damage, you can pursue legal action as appropriate.


What happens if there is a problem and I want possession of my property?

Preferably in the first instance you would contact the council who would try and resolve any issues. However, if issues can’t be resolved then you will need to follow the normal legal proceedings to evict the tenants.

The tenancy agreement is between the landlord and the tenant.


Will vulnerable tenants receive support?

If the tenant/s has a tenancy support worker, a social worker, care manager or any other support worker the team will work with them during the tenancy period to help them to manage their tenancy.


Does the council provide references for tenants?

The council is not able to provide references on behalf of tenants


How do I apply?

Complete the Private Rented Scheme application form and email it to landlords@medway.gov.uk. An officer will contact you and discuss the scheme and your application in more detail.  

Do not sign an agreement with a tenant before you have the written consent of the council.


Contact Details

If you would like to know more about this scheme, have a property you would like us to consider, or have any questions please contact one of the team using the online form or alternatively on:

Phone 01634 333014 / 333053 / 331687

Landlord Hotline: 07725 607261

Email: landlords@medway.gov.uk