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Renting a garage

Medway Council owns over 600 garages in Gillingham, Rainham and Twydall (specific locations can be found in the application form below).

You do not have to be a council tenant to rent a garage.

From April 2018 all new garage lets will be charged at £9.41 per week (plus VAT for non council tenants).

Apply to rent a garage

Complete the Garage Application Form and upload it to apply to rent a garage in Medway.

We will confirm receipt of your application. If a garage is not available to rent immediately, we will place your application on a waiting list, however we are unable to advise how long you may have to wait.

Terms and conditions

  • If you are a council tenant and wish to apply for a garage, your rent account must be free of arrears
  • You must pay rent for the garage by Direct Debit on the first of each month 
  • You cannot sublet or share your garage
  • The council will charge you for any damage you cause to your garage
  • The council will not accept any liability if any items stored in your garage are lost, damaged or stolen
  • You must not use your garage as a workshop or for repairing/respraying vehicles you do not own
  • You must not store any materials in your garage that could catch fire (apart from the fuel in the fuel tank of your vehicle)
  • You must give the council seven days notice if you no longer want to use your garage.