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The Hei People return to Medway

Date: 24/04/2008           Category: Arts and Libraries

The peace-loving Hei People are set to return to Medway, after their eventful stay last summer. Brainchild of Finnish performance artist Reijo Kela, the community of scarecrow-like figures will arrive in Chatham on Monday, 5 May and will appear around the region soon after. A landing party made a brief appearance at the Fuse Medway Festival press launch, on Tuesday, 22 April, to meet old friends and acquire new clothes. Temporary accommodation has been found for these pioneers, as they wait for the rest of their brethren to arrive. Last year, the community made the banks of Fort Amherst their home. This year, however, the Hei People will split into groups and appear at, as yet unspecified, locations throughout Medway. Once they have decided on their first home, more details will be announced. In the meantime, a spokesperson for the community has suggested that, from 5 May, the people of Medway should look up and keep their eyes peeled. During their stay at Fort Amherst, the Hei People were brutally attacked by a small-minded minority. However, typical of their peaceful and upbeat nature, the community has decided to return, to say hello to the majority of Medway, who welcomed them with open arms. After a long, hard and cold winter, the Hei People are in desperate need of new clothes. The landing party was suitably and colourfully dressed at the Fuse Medway Festival press launch but the community would welcome new clothing, to make sure they are up-to-date with Medway's latest fashions. If you have clothes you would like to donate, please drop them off at the Brook Theatre, Chatham. The Hei People are appearing in Medway as part of the Fuse Medway Festival, a 15-day celebration of arts and creativity that begins on Saturday, 31 May. Visit www.fusefestival.org.uk for full details.