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Local pianist with the Royal touch arrives at The Central Theatre

Date: 29/04/2008           Category: Arts and Libraries

Local pianist Jerome Saddler has tinkled the ivories for royalty and will now take centre stage with the City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra, when they at The Central Theatre, Chatham on Saturday, 10 May, 7.30pm. When a young Sadler won the Medway Talent Trust in 1984, he bought an eight foot grand piano with the money, stating ‘All I want to do is play’. His parents supported his decision but insisted he finish his education, taking A-levels at Rochester Mathematical School and completing a degree at the university of Cambridge. He then took the plunge as a concert pianist. ‘I played for the queen and Prince Charles on several occasions and I travelled to Singapore, China and Nigeria as part of my work’, says Jerome. ‘But as I grew older a nine-to-five lifestyle with weekends and paid holidays started to look more and more attractive. I enjoy being at home to put the kids to bed in the evenings.’ Jerome still lives in Chatham and plays concerts occasionally for pleasure. On Saturday 12 May he will perform Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto with the Rochester Symphony Orchestra. The night will also feature music by Tchaikovsky and Borodin. Tickets are £8, £10 or £12. To book phone box office on 01634 338338,. email boxoffice@medway.gov.uk or visit www.medway.gov.uk.