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Community pulls together to establish new youth club

Date: 30/04/2008           Category: Young People

Teenagers living in Grain have somewhere new and exciting to hang out with their friends. The Grain Pavilion in Pintail Close has been given a lick of paint and, as of Thursday, 1 May, will be the youth club’s new home, giving young people somewhere to meet new friends and play games and sport. The youth club opens its doors at 7pm and will be open every Thursday from 7pm to 9.30pm. Nearly £4,000 was raised to transform the old football club and get the plans to start a youth club off the ground. The project has been supported by Medway Council’s Youth Service; Parish Councillor Veronica Cordier; Neighbourhood police officer Ann Jeffriy; Awards for All; Rochester Bridge Trust; Street Cops; B&Q; Barclays Bank; the Co-Op; E.on, and the Hogarth pub in Grain High Street. All that is needed now is a name for the group. Users are also being invited to come up with a suitable name for the club, which will be chosen at a barbecue later that evening. Youth Development Worker Karen Yusuf has been instrumental in getting the youth club up-and-running and is looking forward to Thursday’s grand opening. She said: “We started running a youth club at the pavilion about four years ago, but we felt the building was unsafe and closed it. “We have spent the past four years fund-raising and working on the pavilion to make it a safe and inviting place for young people to meet their friends and have fun. “I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the community that has pulled together to make this exciting project a reality. The youth club will make a huge difference to the lives of the teenagers that live in Grain who can sometimes feel isolated living on the Peninsula. I’m grateful for their patience, which I hope they feel will be worth it.” Karen is also looking for volunteers to help run the youth club and donate sporting equipment for the young people to use. Please contact Karen on 07740 590115. Please contact Karen if you are unable to attend tomorrow’s evening but would like to arrange your own photos.