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On route to save time and money

Date: 21/05/2008           Category: Community Safety

Do you want to save money, reduce your stress levels and forget the worry of parking? If yes, then car sharing could be the answer. This year on National Liftshare Day (Monday, 9 June), commuters across Medway are encouraged to car share on their way to and from work. Car sharing is a simple way to cut the costs of fuel and parking, cut congestion and pollution and cut the stress of driving. National Liftshare Day aims to increase awareness of the rewards that come from car sharing. Commuters who regularly share their journey save on average up to £1,000 a year in fuel costs and a tonne of CO2. Medway Council runs a car share scheme - www.medwaycarshare.com. The service is free and available to everyone; it links drivers and passengers who make similar journeys. You don’t have to be a car driver or owner to use the service. Medway carshare is part of the liftshare network which means you can search for longer journeys outside Medway as well. There are currently 229,485 members and on average they each save £801.08 per year. What could you do with an extra £801.08? For more details or to register log on to www.medwaycarshare.com