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Date: 03/06/2008           Category: Leisure

Invicta Sharks Korfball Club is holding a taster session from 8 to 9pm Thursday, 12 June at Greenacre School, Walderslade. The club wants to recruit new players of all abilities for a range of teams from under-11s to adults. Korfball is a fast, dynamic sport invented by an Amsterdam schoolmaster, Nico Broekhuysen, over 100 years ago. As it was invented in Holland, it is often called Dutch Basketball. It was first demonstrated in Holland in 1902, just a few years after James Naismith invented basketball in the USA. A national association was formed in Holland in 1903 and soon the game spread to other countries. Two teams of mixed gender compete against each other to score a basket at opposing ends of the court. Sections swap roles after two goals have been scored. Players cannot run with the ball, contact each other or dribble the ball. They must get free from their personal defender in order to shoot the ball because that defender is actively trying to defend their shot. The principles are similar to those of netball and basketball but the unique defending and mixed sex rules make for a much more varied game at a much faster pace. The sport’s main characteristics encompass all-round skills, team play, controlled physical contact and gender co-operation. In the UK, the sport is typically played indoors for the majority of the year. The Kent Korfball league runs from October to April with tournaments being played during the summer period. If you want to take part, turn up to the taster session at Greenacre school sports hall, located off Bradfields Avenue. For further information, call Mick Medcraft on 07771 951074 or Sarah Webb on 07714 324807. The club holds training sessions for five teams on Thursday evenings at Greenacre School in Walderslade. Korfball Facts · The Federation International de Korfball was formed in 1923 and became the International Korfball Federation in 1978. · The IKF is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and is a member of ARISF and the IWGA. · The IWGA organises the World Games - for non-main Olympic Sports and held the year after each Olympic year - Korfball is one of the more popular sports and has its President as the Senior Vice-President of the IWGA.