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Walk the walk on Rochester Riverside

Date: 17/06/2008           Category: Medway Renaissance

A mile of scenic Medway waterfront is being opened to the public for the first time in more than 100 years on Friday, June 6 – another milestone for the vast Rochester Riverside regeneration site. First to use the walkway around the perimeter of the site will be pupils from Bligh Junior School. A starting pistol will send them sprinting the length of the walkway with its stunning views of the River Medway and Rochester’s castle and cathedral. A time-capsule will also be buried on the site. It contains documents covering the history of the site – and a DVD of interviews with pupils from Chatham Boys Grammar School. They talk about their hopes for Medway’s multi-billion pound regeneration programme. (Newsdesks: see note below) The walkway has three points of public access from Gas House Road, Blue Boar Lane and Doust Way. Along the route are 12 information boards explaining the site’s history and plans for its future as a new waterside community of 2,000 homes. Crest Nicholson PLC with green living specialists BioRegional Quintain Ltd have been appointed to build the first 600 homes, starting next year. See attached Crest Nicholson images. Rochester Riverside is jointly owned by Medway Council and project partners the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA). This is Friday’s schedule: 1030 – journalists assemble at the Gas House Lane, Rochester, entrance to the site (postcode ME1 1PZ) 1045-1100 – Bligh Junior and other guests arrive 1120 – speeches 1130 – burial of time capsule 1140 – Bligh Junior pupils sprint 1150 – media interviews Newsdesks: · Unedited rushes of the interviews with eight Chatham Grammar School pupils, together with video and stills of the capsule being filled, will be distributed to reporters on the day. Also available - aerial video and stills of the site · Attached with this email, for background, are: The most recent Rochester Riverside newsletter, the Medway Renaissance annual report and key facts about Medway’s regeneration programme. They contain several images of Rochester Riverside past, present and future. All are available on request. · A 60ft tower with striking views across the site can be used for pieces-to-camera and live coverage. For the latest information on the regeneration of Medway visit www.medwayrenaissance.com