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Summary of cabinet decisions 24 June

Date: 26/06/2008           Category: Members Services / Chief Executive Office

Medway Council’s Cabinet has made a number of decisions affecting the community, on subjects such as schools, roads and cemeteries. Following their discussions on Tuesday 24 June, cabinet members decided that a consultation will be carried out on the proposal to build a new academy on the site of Medway Community College. Consultation is scheduled to start in July. The cabinet also agreed to consult on the proposal to amend the mainstream school transport policy. This would mean that children living on the Hoo peninsula who have passed the Medway Test would be eligible to receive transport assistance to a grammar school. The Chatham Road redevelopment scheme will enter into its second phase, with cabinet’s approval for a new layout for the planned bus facility, and the go-ahead for the acquisition and management of the land required for the project. The contract for the grounds maintenance for Medway’s crematorium and cemeteries was awarded. The arrangement is scheduled to run for five years, starting on 1 September 2008. It was decided that three staff positions can now be filled (accounting technician, exchequer officer, solicitor). The draft statement of accounts for 2007/08 was referred to the Audit Committee for approved and Members noted the report into the council’s treasury management performance for the year. Full agendas and minutes for cabinet meetings, and other public meetings of the council, are available at www.medway.gov.uk