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Children looking to study their options

Date: 26/06/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

The countdown has begun for children who are due to start secondary education in September 2009. Medway Council is sending information to parents or guardians of year five pupils to tell them all they need to know about choosing a secondary school place for their child. Anyone who wants to be considered for a Medway grammar school needs to register for the Medway Test before 18 September and will sit the test on 18 October, 2008. Parents who do not want their child to have a grammar school education need to apply for a non-selective school place by 19 November. Parents need to list secondary schools in their order of preference so that the council can continue to give as many people as possible their first choice of school. Schools will not give priority to parents who list a school as a first preference. The full admissions booklet to be published at the start of the new school year in September will contain details of all Medway schools and how to navigate the selection process. For more details visit www.medway.gov.uk/learning or call 01634 331110.