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PHOTO CALL - University science challenge for schools

Date: 07/07/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY - Pupils in lab coats and goggles in science challenge. - Prize giving is scheduled to start at 3pm at the Pilkington Open Space, University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime. An exciting science challenge is taking place at the University of Greenwich at Medway on Tuesday, 8 July from 9.30am to 3.30pm. Now in its second year, the challenge aims to engage students from Year 9 and Year 10 in science-based activities. The students will put on lab coats and goggles to compete in four scientific problem-solving challenges. Titles such as Glow in the dark, Rainbow in a cup and bouncy ball, Spooky Fog and Slime aim to test the more able and interest them in science. Each group will spend an hour on each experiment - two in the morning and two in the afternoon - before presenting their findings to the judges. A trophy will be presented to the winners of the BAE Systems- Medway - Greenwich Science Challenge at 3pm. Fort Pitt won last year, who will take the trophy this year? Schools taking part include: St John Fisher Rainham Mark Grammar Rainham School for Girls The Howard Chatham Grammar for Girls Chataham Grammar for Boys Rivermead For further information, please contact Dr Heather Millington, Medway Council’s Secondary Science Consultant on 01634 338369 or email heather.millington@medway.gov.uk