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Medway Council Cabinet meeting 15 July 2008

Date: 15/07/2008           Category: Members Services / Chief Executive Office

Medway Council’s Cabinet met today and discussed issues ranging from secondary education in Strood to alcohol control zones and finance. Outcome of the consultation on establishing a new academy in Strood Cabinet was asked to make a decision on the future of secondary education in Strood and consider the findings, reasons and recommendations. It also looked at the reasons included in the one formal objection received to the proposal, which was from the governing body of Chapter. Cabinet agreed to replace Temple and Chapter schools with a new academy as of 1 September 2009, and this will be carried out in accordance with legal procedures and guidance from the DCSF. Strategic housing The Audit Commission inspected the council’s strategic housing function in January 2008, the result being a zero rating. Cabinet considered the findings of the report and agreed to adopt the improvement plan. Chatham centre and waterfront development A consultation carried out last year on the Chatham centre and waterfront development resulted in a revised master plan for the three main areas – The Brook, Station Gateway and Waterfront. The scrutiny committee, and the findings of further consultation, has resulted in additional recommendations which are now included in the masterplan. Cabinet agreed for amends to be made to the masterplan and for the document to be published. Corporation Street development Cabinet agreed to release the draft Corporation Street (Rochester) development framework for consultation, subject to the inclusion of bus priority signals rather than dedicated bus lanes. Alcohol control zone Cabinet will recommend to full council that a designated alcohol control zone should be introduced in Gillingham and Strood, and that the zone will be reviewed in 12 months time. Revenue budget monitoring Cabinet noted that this year’s projected overspend of £1.1million is a much improved position for the council to find itself in compared to previous years. Cabinet asks directors to ensure expenditure remains within budget. Capital budget monitoring Cabinet agreed to ensure spending remains within the approved limits set by Council. Recruitment freeze Cabinet agreed to unfreeze two vacancies so the recruitment process can begin. Award of special educational needs (SEN) transport contracts Cabinet agreed to approve the tenders for provision of SEN transport starting in September 2008.