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Clean hands campaign launched by PCT

Date: 16/07/2008           Category: Medway PCT

Members of the media are invited to a photo call at 9am on Wednesday, 23 July at Rochester Healthy Living Centre, The Delce, Rochester when PCT staff and GPs will launch the cleanyourhands campaign for Medway. Tackling healthcare associated infections (HCAI) is a hot topic at the moment and Medway Primary Care Trust is doing something about it. By implementing the award-winning cleanyourhands campaign, the PCT is aiming to improve the hand hygiene of its staff and reduce HCAI. The cleanyourhands campaign focuses on the hand hygiene of staff as this is where the greatest impact can be made in preventing the spread of infection. Hands are the main way in which infections are spread so if staff clean their hands before and after touching a patient, then they can help prevent infections spreading. Infections are a real concern for patients and that’s why they play a key role in supporting the campaign. Patients are encouraged to remind staff if they think they’ve forgotten to clean their hands. As part of the campaign, staff will be encouraged to use alcohol hand rub as a quick and effective means of cleaning their hands. Alcohol hand rub does not replace the need for sinks and cleaning hands with soap and water – which is always essential when hands are visibly soiled or caring for someone with vomiting and diarrhoea – but it does make it easier for staff to clean their hands when and where care is being provided.