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Firing up the barbecue for a sizzling reunion

Date: 17/07/2008           Category: Childrens Care

A tasty feast of burgers and bangers will be served to families who have used a children’s centre in Chatham. On Thursday, 24 July, staff at the All Saints Sure Start Children’s Centre will be holding a reunion for centre users past and present who have benefited from the services on offer in Magpie Hall Road. They will be treated to a barbecue and refreshments in the garden area, as well as being able take part in games and activities. The party takes place between 11am and 2pm. Staff from the centre will be asking families what services and activities they have accessed to find out how effective the centre’s services have been for their family. Centre co-ordinator Jo Bun said: “We want to find out how their children are getting on at school and how accessing our services may have had an impact on their family’s life. “We have had a really good response from the invitations so far and the families have commented that they are really pleased and excited that we are holding this event. This is the first time we have held an event like this and we are all looking forward to meeting the families that we haven’t seen for a while and will enjoy catching up with them. Staff who have also worked at the centre are welcome to attend. To find out more about the event, please call Jo Bunn on 01634 338833.