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Medway’s youngest university graduates celebrate

Date: 23/07/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

A ceremony to mark the achievements of the country’s first National Children’s University graduates was held at the Corn Exchange in Rochester on Tuesday, 8 July. More than 50 Medway Children’s University (MCU) graduates were applauded by family, friends and special guests at the after-school celebration. The children’s commitment to learning through enjoyment was clearly evident. For more than a year, they have achieved an impressive 98 per cent attendance rate. 10 of the graduates achieved special honours for their dedication, having each attended the maximum number of courses. One boy, who extended his learning by 40 hours, was honoured with a diploma. The other pupils received gold and platinum certificates for attending more than 30 hours of lessons beyond the school day. Ger Graus, Chief Executive of the National Children’s University, congratulated the graduates and presented them with their certificates. The children were photographed wearing their medals and holding their awards proudly with Ger Graus and Cllr David Wildey, Portfolio Holder for Children’s Care. Cllr Wildey said: “This scheme has given the pupils opportunities to learn new skills and try something different. They have obviously enjoyed taking part and I hope to see many others following their lead.” Juliet Sevior, Acting Assistant Director for Inclusion congratulated the MCU graduates. She said she was marking their progression and looking forward to seeing what they’d be achieving in 10 years’ time when she would be on a zimmer frame. When asked what they want to be when they are older, the children’s responses included a range of occupations. Some wanted to follow more traditional career paths in nursing, teaching, the police service, retail and science while others had ideas about being a basketball player, a vet working on a stud farm, an actress and a dog groomer.