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Council eases the pain after dog is hurt

Date: 05/08/2008           Category: Community Safety

A Medway woman has thanked the council for looking after the family’s dog and refunding the kennel fees after it was injured when her partner’s van was stolen. The black labrador suffered a gash to his neck after being pushed or kicked out of the white Renault Trafic 100 yards from where it was stolen in Lyndhurst Avenue, Rainham. Senior Safer Communities Officer Russel Songhurst found the injured animal and took it to Jasmil kennels in Lower Halstow. The owner’s partner, who has not been named for security reasons, paid the standard fee of £40 to have the family pet returned, but after she contacted local councillor Janice Bamber the council returned the fee. “This clearly wasn’t a case of someone not looking after their dog,” said Cllr Mrs Bamber, the council’s Portfolio Holder for Customer Services. “The family was very upset that not only had their van been stolen but their dog had been hurt and I thought it was only right that the council should help in whatever way it could. “I contacted Andy McGrath, the council’s assistant director for front line services, and he arranged to have the £40 refunded. I was very pleased to be able to help the resident.” The van was recovered just off Fort Pitt Hill two days later, minus £700 of Ikea furniture and numerous power tools, but the family was delighted that at least the family pet had been cared for. “We were pleased that the dog was safe and very happy that the council refunded the £40 fee,” said the family spokeswoman. “Our thanks go to the individuals who made this possible.” Anyone who saw the van - registration T569 JPO but changed to read T588 JPO by whoever stole it – between last Monday (July 28) and Wednesday (July 30) should get in touch with Medway Police on 01622 790790. .