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Changes to bus services in Medway

Date: 27/08/2008           Category: Integrated Transport

Some bus services supported by Medway Council are changing at the beginning of September as part of a drive to make the best use of the available funding . While some services are being reduced, those few journeys affected are those that are the least well used. "The main daytime bus services across Medway continue to improve, but clearly when funding is limited we have to think carefully about which journeys we can continue to subsidise," explained Portfolio Holder for Front Line Services Cllr Phil Filmer. Some of the timetable changes have been prompted by new tenders being awarded for services after existing contracts expired, while a review of services supported by the council has identified under-used journeys. The council uses a scoring system to judge which services are the most important locally. This looks at the average number of passengers on the route, the subsidy cost per passenger journey, the main reason why people are travelling and the availability of alternatives by time or distance. "A small number of journeys at quieter times are affected by these changes. The main network continues unaffected - indeed, there have been a number of improvements to daytime services in recent months," said Cllr Filmer. The services affected are route numbers 113, 114, 133, 145 165, 166, 176 181, 182 and 191. Detailed information will be available on the Medway Council website at http://www.medway.gov.uk/buses The changes take place from next Monday, 1 September.