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Medway Council Cabinet decisions

Date: 08/09/2008           Category: Members Services / Chief Executive Office

The Cabinet met on 2 September and discussed issues ranging from the annual report to museum collections and school provision for three year olds. Annual report This report provides details of the council’s progress and achievements during 2007/2008 and highlighted some of the actions proposed for 2008/2009. The cabinet approved the Annual Report 2007/2008 for publication (subject to an update to the text under the economic and social regeneration). Community and Safety Partnership Plan 2008-2001 This plan contains 12 strategic priority areas that contribute to the safety of people living, working or visiting Medway. These include tackling violence, reducing serious acquisitive crime and tackling anti-social behaviour. Priorities are to be delivered by both statutory and non-statutory partners and reviewed and refreshed on an annual basis. The Cabinet agreed to recommend to Council that the Community Safety Partnership Plan be approved as a policy framework document subject to a number of amendments as suggested by the Regeneration, Community and Culture Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 28 August 2008. Museum acquisition and disposal policy 2008-2012 This report sets out how the Guildhall Museum would acquire and dispose of objects in its collection. The Cabinet agreed to approve and adopt the Museum Acquisition and Disposal Policy 2008 – 2012 subject to the Director of Regeneration, Community and Culture, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Community Services, making the revisions as set out in the addendum report. Change of age range at Luton Infant School This report proposed that the public should be consulted on altering the age range of Luton Infant School, Chatham, so that children aged three years may be admitted into the Foundation Stage at the school with effect from January 2009. The Cabinet agreed to consult. The outcome of the consultation will be reported to Cabinet on 4 November 2008. Recruitment freeze The Cabinet agreed to unfreeze two posts in the Children and Adults directorate: personal assistant to director and children’s trust support officer. Supporting people: floating support for young adults The community-based floating support service for young people supports 40 young adults in rented accommodation. The Cabinet agreed to award a support service contract to In Touch for a period of up to four years. The service plays a key role in delivering the Supporting People strategy for Medway and helps reduce levels of homelessness and gives young people a sense of independence. Award of contract: drug interventions programme The Drug Interventions Programme is designed to engage with drug misusing offenders. Part of the programme aims at reducing the number of drug-related offences committed by drug users as they leave treatment by providing them with continued support. The Cabinet awarded the Medway Drug Intervention Programme element of the contract to Crime Reduction Initiatives, to take effect from 1 October 2008 and run until 31 March 2011.