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The choice is yours

Date: 10/09/2008           Category: Medway PCT

Eighty per cent of patients in Medway are being treated at a hospital of their choice, Department of Health figures can reveal. The results of the National Patient Choice Survey (March 2008) reveal that Medway Primary Care Trust (PCT) is above the national average when it comes to offering patients a choice of hospital. · In Medway, 80 per cent of patients are able to go where they want to be treated; nationally that figure is 67 per cent. · In Medway, 60 per cent of patients are offered choice; nationally that figure is 47 per cent. · In Medway, 50 per cent of patients are aware of choice; nationally that figure is 43 per cent. Medway PCT is ranked in joint fourth place nationally when it comes to offering patients a choice of hospital, and is one of 11 PCTs (out of 152) where more than 60 per cent of patients are offered choice. Director of Commissioning at the PCT Louise Parker said: “This is great news for the people of Medway and confirms our belief that patients are being offered a choice, and are being treated where they want to be.” Since January 2006, all eligible patients referred by their GP for elective care should have been offered clinically appropriate choices from a list of four or more providers commissioned by their PCT. Always Medway GPs offer choice via the Choose and Book system, which enables patients to choose a hospital and appointment date and time. Notes for editors: This is the 12th National Patient Choice Survey conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Department of Health, in a series of surveys planned to monitor patient awareness of choice and recall of having been offered a choice of hospital for their first outpatient appointment. The surveys are designed to provide a national overview of choice and summary results at PCT level. Patients who had been referred by a GP for a first outpatient appointment in any of 152 major acute NHS trusts or 18 independent sector (IS) organisations during the two-week period 17 to 30 March 2008 were invited to take part in the survey. A total 109,348 patients responded to the survey.