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Dedicated residents launch website for Brompton

Date: 30/09/2008           Category: Medway Renaissance

Medway’s bid for World Heritage Site status has inspired Brompton residents to start a campaign to promote their village. Activity is being co-ordinated through their new website www.bromptonvillage.co.uk Resident and webmaster Jeremy Iles-North said: “We already have an inclusive sense of community and we want to build on this with a programme of both social and sports activities, supported by campaigns to keep our streets tidy, to maintain good standards of conservation and to bring our history to the outside world. “This action programme is being spearheaded by volunteer champions who are developing practical approaches to making a difference.” The champions are Gareth Pahl, Emmanuel Oladipo, Nettie Iles-North, John Jones, Jeremy Iles-North, John Stewart, Mark Dennis and Craig Stevens. Anyone wanting to contact the champions should contact Jeremy Iles-North on 840995 or at jeremy@jeremynorth.com