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Excellent results for language learners

Date: 12/11/2008           Category: Adult Learning

Three adult learners are celebrating excellent results in English exams and are now looking to the future, and what that could now bring. Gloria Pizzamiglia, Elizabeth Zuloaga and Kinga Kowalska are all celebrating A grades in English language courses. Elizabeth Zuloaga achieved an A grade at Cambridge Advanced English (CAE) exam and has now started a degree in European Studies and combined languages at the University of Kent (Canterbury). The 39-year-old who is originally from Peru is married and lives in Rochester. She said: “I was so happy with the grade and excited that it has allowed me to go to university. “The tutor Christine was really good because she catered the learning material to each person’s individual needs. She was very encouraging and a great support.” Elizabeth’s degree is four years with the opportunity to study abroad in the third year. She explained: “My native language is Spanish so I hope to go to France to improve my French.” Although graduation seems a long way off at the moment, Elizabeth says she wants to use her degree to either become a teacher or work in human rights.