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Medway Trading Standards seize potentially lethal counterfeit vodka

Date: 24/10/2008           Category: Community Safety

Medway Trading Standards officers have seized bottles of counterfeit vodka laced with high levels of methanol from two shops in Medway. A member of the public alerted officers after buying a contaminated bottle of Glen’s vodka. The alcohol was sent to a toxicologist who confirmed there was 30 times the recommended amount of methanol in the product. Another shopper who had purchased a bottle of contaminated Spar-branded vodka also contacted the team, which was found to have more than 500 times the recommended amount of methanol. While not lethal, the levels found in these products could cause a range of symptoms including blindness, dizziness, stomach pain and blurred vision. All bottles of counterfeit vodka have now been confiscated from the two shops and officers are continuing to work with the business community to check the legitimacy of other products. Councils across the country had been put on alert by the Food Standards Agency after counterfeit bottles of Glen’s Vodka and Spar-branded vodka were found to contain higher-than-normal levels of methanol than would be found in authentic brands. Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Community Safety and Enforcement Cllr Rehman Chishti said: “I am extremely pleased that Medway Trading Standards officers have reacted quickly and efficinetly in removing these potentially lethal batches of alcohol from sale.” Trading Standards officers are urging anyone who may be concerned they may have purchased counterfeit vodka to call 01634 333555.