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Medway Council's Cabinet decisions, 4 November, 2008.

Date: 05/11/2008           Category: Members Services / Chief Executive Office

The Cabinet met on Tuesday, 4 November and discussed issues ranging from roles and functions of the Children’s Trust to the change of age range at Luton Infants School. Review of Strategic Risk Strategy and Corporate Business Risk Register. The Risk Management Strategy underpins all aspects of Council work and is fundamental to the Performance Plan in terms of “giving value for money”. The Cabinet agreed to note the comments of the Business Support Overview and Scrutiny Committee, which highlight the need to consider even wider potential for risks. It was agreed that the risk score of delivering radical innovation will be given higher priority and increase the score to B2 (high/critical). This emphasises its importance in service delivery and financial management. The Cabinet agreed to approve the revised Risk Management Strategy and the amendments to the council’s Risk Register. Risk management is a focus on the risks facing the council, making the most of opportunities and achieving objectives once those decision are made. The establishment of a corporate framework for risk management will complement and support the work already being carried out. Roles and functions of the Children’s Trust. The Cabinet agreed the draft framework arrangements for Medway’s Children’s Trust Board. The new arrangements will respond to what children and their families say will help tackle barriers and deliver improved outcomes. A Children’s Trust will enable children and young people in Medway are safe, happy, healthy and have a bright future. It will bring together schools, health and other children’s services to collectively tackle the barriers to learning, health and well-being of every child in Medway. The Cabinet agreed to authorise the Director of Children and Adults, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services, to finalise the final details of the framework arrangements. Strategic development and economic growth The Cabinet agreed the revised Local Development Scheme for Medway will come in to effect on 13 November 2008. The scheme will inform the public of the documents that will make up the local development framework and how long it will take to develop the documents. It will also establish and reflect the council priorities and enable work programmes to be set for preparation of these documents. Change of age range at Luton Infants School The Cabinet agreed to change the age range of Luton Infant School, Chatham, to permit the admission of children from the age of three, with effect from January 2009. This means the council is complying with its duty to secure an education place for all three and four year olds whose parents want one. Various property disposals The Cabinet agreed the following properties are to be considered surplus to enable them to be sold: · 39-41 Forge Lane, Gillingham; · 1a/b Chaucer Road, Gillingham; · Twydall Enterprise Centre, Gillingham. The selling of these properties will reduce revenue costs, realise capital receipts and gain investment in the Medway area. Fire sprinkler systems The Cabinet deferred consideration of this report and instructed officers to bring back an evaluation of the possibility of making the installation of fire sprinklers compulsory in all new builds within the council’s property portfolio, with details of the possible savings and advice from Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Verge parking ban pilot schemes The success of the verge parking enforcement pilot scheme indicates that residents and their visitors have now accepted and worked to the new restrictions. This can now be used appropriately across Medway. The Cabinet agreed the following recommendations: · the retention of the current verge parking ban orders; · the ‘rolling out’ of verge parking orders throughout Medway on a phased basis; · that any future requests are ranked and scored in terms of priority; · that adequate funding is provided. Recruitment Freeze Cabinet agreed to unfreeze the posts of three service managers in the Children and Adults directorate at Gun Wharf; support services assistant at the Enhanced Care Unit; support services assistant at Platters Farm Lodge and service manager in the Children and Adults directorate at Gun Wharf so the recruitment process can begin.