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News Release: Smoke Scare for Parents

Date: 07/11/2008           Category: Medway PCT

A stop smoking adviser hopes a new television advertising campaign will prompt Medway parents to stub out their habit. NHS Medway’s Stop Smoking Adviser Joscelin Yates has praised the latest Department of Health advertisement campaign for its realistic approach to the fears children have of their parents dying of smoking-related diseases. The TV advert, which was first broadcast last Friday (October 31), shows a darkened room and a child telling the viewer she is not scared of the dark, spiders or clowns but that her mum will die of cigarettes. In Medway 400 people die every year from smoking-related causes. The Stop Smoking Service has helped 1,333 people across Medway quit smoking from April 2007 to March 2008. Joscelin said: “The advertisements are very powerful. I speak to lots of parents who know that their smoking has a negative impact on their children, not just through second hand smoke but because their kids are scared for their mum or dad’s health. “Medway’s Stop Smoking Service is a free service and helps anyone who wants to stop smoking. With the help of the service smokers are four times more likely to quit successfully.” The advertisements are aired at times when both parents and their children are likely to be watching together. For more information telephone 0800 234 6805 or email medwaystopsmokingservice@nhs.net