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Media Invite: Cuxton Community Junior School offers good level of education for pupils.

Date: 07/11/2008           Category: Learning and Achievement

Cuxton Community Junior School is a good school where both pupils and parents comment on the warm welcoming atmosphere, according to its latest Ofsted report. The smaller than average school, with 154 pupils aged seven to 11, has had significant staff changes since its last inspection. These include the headteacher, senior managers, teachers, and governors. Pupils achieve well and increase the gap between their performance and the national average. This means that by the end of Year 6 the standards are generally securely above average. The school’s Chair of Governors Sylvia Chitty said: “The governors are very pleased that the report highlighted so many strengths and recognised the achievements of pupils and staff. ” Pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities have good support and achieve well. Teachers manage the different year groups in their classes well to ensure all pupils make similar rates of progress, taking appropriate action if an individual falls behind. Healthy lifestyles were seen in the pupils’ high level of participation in sports. Pupils took plenty of exercise, and play leaders help to make the playground a happy and safe place. Inspectors highlighted two areas to improve further: “Improve standards in mathematics by implementing the planned strategies to enhance pupils’ understanding of shape, space and measure. The school also needs to strengthen procedures for promoting good attendance and introduce further initiatives to improve the attendance of those pupils where there are concerns.” Headteacher Tracey Terry said: “We are delighted with the report. It is a credit to the whole school team, that despite a period of transition, we have improved standards further and remained focused on making learning enjoyable and engaging for pupils. We will continue to work in partnership with others to strive for the best possible outcomes and experiences for our pupils and to offer wider services to our community.” Medway Council’s Portfolio Holder for Children’s Services Cllr Les Wicks said: “I am very pleased to see that the inspector’s report highlights the good level of education on offer at the school. Clearly the recent changes in staff have had a positive impact and it is obvious that it is a school where the pupils enjoy being.” Director of Children and Adult’s Services Rose Collinson added: “Well done to the headteacher and her whole team at Cuxton Junior school. The inspectors rightly highlighted their drive, determination and strengths in self evaluation. Children very much enjoy going to school – they’re safe and supported there and learn well – a winning combination!” You are invited to send a photographer and/or reporter to the school, on Bush Road, Cuxton, Rochester on Friday, 14 November, between 9am and 10.30am to meet the pupils and staff at work. There are 154 pupils aged 7 to 11 years old.