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News Release: More advice and support to help Medway residents make healthy choices

Date: 11/11/2008           Category: Medway PCT

It will be even easier to get advice and support on sexual health, teenage parenting, stubbing out cigarettes and increasing exercise. NHS Medway, formerly Medway Primary Care Trust, has reviewed the services it already provides and now plans to make them even better. At the moment there are more healthy people in Medway than in most parts of the rest of the country. NHS Medway is within the 18 per cent of local authorities that have a higher number of residents who fall into the healthy category, partly because the population is relatively younger. Medway’s young population misuse drugs less than the national averages and consume the same levels of alcohol as people living nearby. But some issues such as obesity and smoking are still a problem. Of the South East’s 67 local authorities Medway has the sixth highest percentage of obese people and the third lowest percentage of adults that consume five or more fruit and vegetables per day. Senior Public Health Manager Sally-Ann Ironmonger said: "The Primary Care Trust and Medway Council already offer services to help residents make healthy lifestyle choices. These include MEND, the award-winning healthy lifestyles club for children (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It!) and Tipping The Balance. The review, known as a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, looks at the health and wellbeing of residents and makes sure the services the Primary Care Trust already offers are even more driven to meeting the health needs of the community. Sally-Ann added: "The information will allow us to address some of the issues and improve the health outcomes for people living in Medway.”