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Remember the rent this Christmas.

Date: 26/11/2008           Category: Finance

Paying the rent should be at the top of the Christmas list this year as the credit crunch continues to take its toll. It is all too easy to get caught up in the romance of Christmas, handing over the credit card to buy gifts without thinking of the consequences. So far this year 94 tenants in Medway have been taken to court because of rent arrears - a stark reminder that falling behind on rent payments could result in a summons to court or even eviction. The council is sympathetic to tenants with problems, but when necessary will take action that could result in them losing their home. Tenants who are struggling to keep up rent payments should speak to their estate officer as soon as possible. Medway Council’s Finance Portfolio Holder Cllr Alan Jarrett said: “We hope all our tenants have a good Christmas but we know how easy it is to get into trouble with rent payments at this time of year. We try to help people as much as we can, but the council takes a tough stance with tenants who don't pay their rent.” The law classes people who are evicted for not paying their rent as having made themselves intentionally homeless, which means they are not automatically entitled to an offer of alternative accommodation. A high proportion of tenants can get help with housing benefit to pay their rent – but need to make sure they tell the council when their circumstances change. The council has many simple payment options to make paying rent easy and convenient. For more information phone 333500.