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Watch out for lolipop crossing patrols

Date: 17/12/2008           Category: Highways Traffic and Parking

Impatient drivers are putting children and lollipop patrols in danger, that’s the warning from Medway Council’s Road Safety Team. Many of Medway’s schools employ a crossing patrol to help pupils cross the road safely. However, in the past year the Road Safety Team has received numerous incident reports from schools. These include details of drivers who have driven through the patrol while children are trying to cross the road. In some cases drivers have verbally abused the lollipop patrol too. Lollipop patrols are lawfully permitted to stop traffic under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. When a patrol displays a stop sign, motorists must stop to allow children to cross, or the driver risks prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000 and three penalty points on their driving licence. Kent Police will be notified of any car reported ignoring the patrol; officers will follow up these accordingly. Sarah West, Medway Council's Road Safety Officer, said: “It seems our beloved lollipop men and women are becoming harder to find and keep in post due to abuse and misuse by drivers. Drivers need to take extra care when driving near schools and stop when signalled to by a patrol. Just imagine the patrol is crossing your child or someone close to you and be patient in order to help these valued members of the community do their job safely.”