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Making Medway safer: The council is listening

Date: 25/05/2007           Category: Community Safety

During the next 100 days Medway Council’s cabinet member for Community Safety and Enforcement will hit the streets of Medway to find out how the council can make the area a safer place for everyone. On Thursday, 24 May, Cllr Rehman Chishti spent the afternoon talking to members of the public at the first of several planned events across Medway. Cllr Chishti and officers from the council’s trading standards and enforcement teams answered questions on everything from CCTV, increased policing on the streets, one-stop shops, fewer abandoned vehicles on the road and a reduction in vandalism and crime. Dr Ajay Patel, who owns a dentist’s surgery in Chatham, spoke to Cllr Chishti and trading standards officers about difficulties he has had with a garage that fixed his car. He said: “I have been having problems with my car since I took it to the garage to get the clutch fixed. “The garage won’t accept responsibility for it, so I have asked Trading Standards to help me “I think events like this are a good idea because I have been able to ask them for help with my problem, which hopefully they will be able to resolve.” Speaking after the event, Cllr Chishti said: “I think it is vital we speak to the people of Medway and find out what services they would like us to deliver. “Today has gone really well. We have listened to what people have had to say and this will help us improve things for the people of Medway and make it a better place for everyone. “I am determined to make these meet-and-greet sessions a permanent fixture of my diary.” During his two-hour visit, two thirds of the people he spoke to said they felt safe and were happy with what the council was doing to make Medway a better place for everyone. After the event Cllr Chishti accompanied enforcement officers on an undercover operation targeting under-age drinkers. The 28-year-old will work with the council’s community safety and enforcement teams in the battle to combat drugs, anti-social behaviour and graffiti, as well as overseeing the council’s CCTV and Community Safety Partnership TV (CSP TV) initiative. As well as cleaning up Medway’s streets and neighbourhoods, he will also be responsible for the council’s trading standards, enforcement, environmental health departments and Medway's Safer Communities Officers. Further information about community safety and the Medway Community Safety Partnership can be found at www.medway.gov.uk/communitysafety