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Medway heroes recognised for their bravery

Date: 31/05/2007           Category: Community Safety

A pair of have-a-go heroes who broke up a violent fight have been commended for their bravery. Medway Council’s Safer Communities Officers Dave Hughes and Tony Lee were driving through Brompton one evening last December when they saw two men being attacked by three youths who were brandishing weapons. The men work alongside Kent Police in Medway officers to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, but sensing something was wrong stopped their van and broke up the fight. Former court escort Dave Hughes, 36, has worked as a community safety officer for three years. He said: “We were driving through Brompton when we thought we saw a group of five lads hugging each other, but it wasn’t until we got closer that we realised two of the men were being attacked. “The three men only looked like teenagers and one of them was using a climber’s grip as a weapon, so we broke up the fight and waited until the police arrived.” Their manager Mark Lawson nominated them both for a Medway Council Excellence and Innovation award in recognition of their bravery. Mr Lawson said: “I was stunned when I read their work sheet the following morning. We discourage our officers from getting involved in violent situations like this, so I was shocked when I read what had happened during their shift. “Their actions were well beyond the call of duty and in excess of what is expected of them in their job. “This award recognises the hard work and dedication of the community safety officers who endeavour to make Medway a safer place.” But Mr Hughes remains modest about the accolade, which was presented to them by the Mayor of Medway, Cllr Val Goulden, last Thursday, 24 May at the Corn Exchange, Rochester. He said: “It’s nothing anyone else in my position wouldn’t have done. We were just doing our job.”