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Decorated dummies safety alert

Date: 27/06/2011           Category: Trading standards

A safety alert about the dangers of babies' dummies decorated with beads and gems is being issued by Medway Council's Trading Standards service.

It follows an anonymous complaint and an investigation by the council's Trading Standards officers.

The dummies are being advertised on the internet but trading standards warn they could choke a baby or small child.

Babies soothers must comply with strict safety standards and regulations before they can be placed on sale. The standard (EN 1400-1:2002) bans adhesive labels and decorations from being fixed to dummies.

Examples of the customised dummies were tested by Medway’s Trading Standards service and found to breach the safety controls. Not only do they feature prohibited decorations but the hand glued beads and gems were also found to be easily detached, posing a huge danger as they could easily choke a baby or small child.

Trading Standards officers in Medway are urging parents to examine their children's dummies to make sure they are safe. Anyone making these products is advised to seek immediate guidance on the safety regulations from their local authority.

Councillor Mike O'Brien, Medway Council's portfolio holder for Community Safety and Customer Contact,
said: "No baby should ever be given a dummy that has anything that might come off and choke them.

"Although we understand that parents naturally want their children to have nice things it is vital that only safe products are given to youngsters.

"I'm grateful for the quick actions of the trading standards team in spotting this problem and raising the alarm. Child safety must be the primary concern of all parents and I would urge people not to buy these products."