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New council webpage sets the record

Date: 08/07/2011           Category: Communications

Medway Council has today (8 July, 2011) launched a webpage allowing it to publish the full press statements it has given to the media on specfic stories if they have subsequently been chopped or altered and their meaning substantially changed when broadcast or published.

It will do this to keep residents fully informed on controversial issues.

The page – called For the Record - has started following BBC Radio Kent and the Medway Messenger's reports today on complaints from Isle of Grain resident Jack Hope and his daughter Lisa Hood over emergency planning where they live.

They both say they are not happy with an off-site emergency plan for the Isle of Grain and that the council has not published its updated plan.

The For the Record Page will, from now on, be a permanent feature on Medway Council's website so that residents will be able to compare what was reported, or broadcast, with what was issued by Medway Council on controversial topics.

The council will update its page on an ad hoc basis and send out update alerts via Twitter.

To view the new For the Record webpage, please go to www.medway.gov.uk/fortherecord