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Portable toilets in the High Street

Date: 11/07/2011           Category: Community Safety

Portable toilets are to be set up in Rochester High Street this weekend.

The four bay portable urinal are being trialled in Blue Boar car park on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings over the next two months.

Cllr Mike O'Brien, Medway Council's portfolio holder for Community Safety and Customer Contact, said:
"As with many areas that host a busy nightime economy, urinating in the street, once the pubs have closed,is one of the major complaints about anti social behaviour in the centre of Rochester.

"We are keen to solve the problem and will use temporary urinals located in a central location.

"This approach has been used in a number of other towns and cities in the UK and has helped to reduce the problem.

"The urinals will be located so that they do not offend or inconvenience other visitors or residents in the High Street.

"Sometimes people drink too much on a night out and if they can't find a toilet the consequences for other visitors and for residents are unpleasant. There will now be no excuse for people who claim they are 'caught short'."

Urinating in public can be the most expensive 'penny' that a person will spend as it can be punished with fines of up to £100.

Rochester has one of the busiest night time economy's in Kent with thousands of visitors to the area's pubs and clubs every weekend, contributing millions of pounds each year to the local economy.