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Statement from the Cllr Mike O'Brien, the Chair of Medway's Community Safety Partnership, following vanadalism in Medway.

Date: 09/08/2011           Category: Community Safety Partnership

Following last night's vandalism in Medway please see a statement from Cllr Mike O'Brien, the Chair of Medway's Community Safety Partnership.

Cllr Mike O’Brien, the Chair of Medway's Community Safety Parnsership, said: “Medway Council is working closely with Kent Police following last night’s acts of vandalism.

“Our staff have been out clearing up debris following the criminal activity that occurred, which saw three cars set alight as well as bins in Chatham and Gillingham.

“Police are actively looking at all forms of intelligence, they are monitoring the transport and rail network in Kent and they have also increased police presence in town centres as a precautionary measure.

“Medway Council has also increased the number of staff in its CCTV camera control centre to ensure that we can help the police keep the area safe for residents.

“It is disgraceful that a small number of people decided to carry out this criminal activity last night and I would like to thank the police for the swift way that they contained the situation.

“The activity that happened – which has led to 11 arrests – is not the kind of thing that Medway is used to and I am sure that all residents will join me in condemning the people who carried out this mindless vandalism.”

Kent Police have issued advice to members of the public and local businesses. Please see below:

Advice for residents:

·Report suspicious activity to Kent Police on 01622 690690. Suspicious activity could be anything out of the ordinary i.e large groups of people gathering.

·Park your car in well-lit areas and in your garage if you have one.

·Avoid crowds and if you see a confrontation, walk away and report it to Kent Police.

·Think about property which could be used to start a fire - keep rubbish bins out of sight and only put them out on rubbish collection day.

·Make sure there's nothing lying around outside your house that could be used to damage your or someone else's property, or harm someone.

Advice for businesses
We are working with our local businesses to give out advice on keeping their business and property safe.
Regularly check buildings and out buildings and don't leave anything lying around which could be used to damage your property or harm someone.