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Giving patients the best chance of their best possible recovery

Date: 04/01/2008           Category: Medway PCT

The most specialised surgery for urinary problems, including prostate and bladder diseases, will be carried out by multi-disciplinary teams in two centres of excellence – one serving east Kent and the other serving the people who live in west Kent. This is the result of a recent review of the service by the Primary Care Trusts in Kent and Medway, which want local urology surgeons to carry out enough operations to achieve clinical excellence and meet national standards. Nearly 900 men are treated for prostate problems and around 340 for bladder disease each year in Kent and Medway. Of these, specialist surgery is needed in nearly 200 prostate cases and around 50 bladder cases. Kent and Canterbury Hospital will continue to be the specialist area in east Kent but a decision on which hospital in west Kent has yet to be decided. Routine treatments will continue to be carried out in local district hospitals Clinicians have welcomed the decision. Dr Paul Stevens, clinical director in East Kent, said: “This is good news for patients and for urology surgeons, because it gives people the best chance of making their best possible recovery from very specialist surgery.” Mr Paul Reddy, lead urology consultant in Maidstone, said: “This arrangement keeps travelling to a minimum for patients and their families, with routine surgery carried out in district hospitals and specialist teams offering their expertise only a little further away.” Medway PCT led the review and agreed the process for carrying it out with representatives of all the area’s teams of urology surgeons. In it, the three PCTs detailed the specialised urology services they wished to commission and asked the hospital trusts to demonstrate how their teams would meet the requirements. Technical experts, including patient representatives, awarded scores to each response to reflect how closely they met various aspects of the specification, including the quality of patient experience on offer, the clinical services proposed, the workforce plan and value for money, as well as delivery of national standards. A separate panel, involving independent clinical experts, considered the importance of each aspect of the service and applied weightings to each set of scores to work out which arrangements most closely meet the needs of local people. Medway PCT Chief Executive Marion Dinwoodie said: “We set out to find a practical and workable arrangement so that patients know they are getting excellent surgery, however routine or serious their disease may be, and I am delighted we have achieved this.” ends