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Medway Council Cabinet decisions 29.01.08

Date: 23/01/2008           Category: Members Services / Chief Executive Office

MEDWAY Council’s Cabinet met yesterday and discussed issues ranging from traffic management to countryside and open spaces. Woodlands and Shaws Wood The council’s Older People’s Plan includes a proposal to develop three service centres – including Woodlands and Shaw’s Wood – to modernise services for older people and meet the expected increase in demand for such services. Cabinet delegated authority to the Director of Community Services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Adult Services, to: · formally withdraw from the Woodlands and Shaws Wood Private Finance Initiative (PFI)/ Local Improvement Finance Trust funding schemes, recognising the loss of PFI credits; and · approve the modernisation of existing Linked Service Centres, including the development of extra-care housing via Registered Social Landlord partners. Wildlife, Countryside and Open Space Strategy Medway’s Wildlife, Countryside and Open Space Strategy was presented for adoption following an extensive consultation exercise. It is a major objective of the council’s Community Plan and Local Development Framework Core Strategy. Amendments to the draft strategy recommended by the Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee were noted, and the document’s title amended to that given above. Cabinet agreed that the strategy be used to inform planning decisions and taken into account in the preparation of the Local Development Framework and other plans and strategies of the council. Modern Pentathlon World Cup 2010 The modern pentathlon consists of swimming, fencing, show jumping, shooting and running. The Modern Pentathlon Association (MPA) has decided to hold its World Cup 2010 event in Medway. Cabinet agreed to stage the event in Medway in April 2010 and to support a maximum financial commitment to the event of £90,000. It also authorised the Assistant Director (Corporate Services) to enter into an MoU and contract with the MPA, together with any necessary licence to use the land at Medway Park, currently under construction. South Thames Gateway Building Control Partnership Business Plan The partnership, between Medway, Gravesham and Swale, became operational on 1 October 2007. Its business plan must be approved annually. Cabinet approved the plan for 2008/09 subject to certain employment issues being progressed in accordance with the council’s constitution and HR procedures. Traffic Management Act 2004 From 31 March 2008, parking enforcement will be underpinned by the Traffic Management Act 2004. This will supersede all other parking regulations and will dictate how local authorities manage their parking enforcement and appeal processes. Cabinet agreed to the introduction of postal Penalty Charge Notices; additional contraventions related to dropped kerbs/footways and double parking; and CCTV parking enforcement facilities. It also agreed to a full audit of Traffic Regulation Orders, legal traffic signs and road markings; and recommended to the Full Council budget meeting on 28 February 2008 the adoption of a higher penalty charge. Revenue Budget Monitoring It is the responsibility of Cabinet to manage income and expenditure to remain within the budget approved by Council. This was the fourth monitoring report for the financial year 2007/08 and is based on income and expenditure to November 2007. Cabinet reinforced the requirement upon directors to enforce the vacancy controls and spending moratorium to achieve budget balance. Revenue Budget Monitoring It is the responsibility of Cabinet to ensure that expenditure for each capital scheme remains within the budget approved by Full Council. However, it remains the responsibility of Council to approve schemes for inclusion in the capital programme. The report presented the capital monitoring for the period the November 2007, with an out-turn forecast for 2007/08. Cabinet noted that: spend and commitments on the approved programme since 1 April 2007 to date amount to approximately £57million; and forecast spending during 2007/08 amounts to £108m. It also noted approved virements and additions to the Capital Programme as detailed in the report. Recruitment Freeze Cabinet agreed to unfreeze one post so that the recruitment process can begin. Learning Platforms Contract Award A learning platform consists of hardware, software and services that would extend schools’ computer networks to allow access to external learning resources, data storage and communications and management tools. There will be a phased roll-out of the platform that takes into account priorities identified in school development plans. Following a tendering process, Cabinet approved the preferred provider as recommended in the report. The full agenda and record of the meeting are available at www.medway.gov.uk/index/council/cabinet.htm [ends]